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Q: Are TMI Company Moving Leads Worth the Money?


A: Ask yourself how many sales it will take to pay for your TMI leads. One sale will probably pay for the moving leads many times over. Secondly, how much time would it take your sales people to find equivalent office moving leads? We provide you with sales leads for a fraction of the cost that your sales people’s time is worth.


Q: Why should I buy TMI leads and not from someone else?


A: TMI’s business relocation leads are moving in more than two months. So you have plenty of time to contact them before the purchasing decisions are made.


– Most companies on our list have 15-100 employees or more. So your sales are large ones.
– Each moving leads list is carefully protected from unauthorized circulation and we distribute it to a selected few companies. So you are not falling over each other when you follow up the moving leads.


Q: But I’m already aware of company relocation through in-house research and other sources……


A: On average, a company moves every five years. In a medium sized city, there are roughly 20,000 companies with ten or more employees. If you do the math, that means well over 300 companies are moving in a medium sized city each month. You need to be aware of all of them to maximize revenues.


Q: OK. How do I get started?


A: Fill out Request a Quote and a representative will call you back to discuss availability or call us. Just for contacting us, you will receive our Free SALES TIPS which are proven methods for following up office moving leads regardless of the source.


Q: Am I locked into a long term commitment?


A: No, our leads come out about once a month, and you can stop receiving them whenever you want without a penalty.


Q: Are these businesses moving out-of-town or within the metropolitan area?


A: All our business relocation leads are businesses moving within the same metropolitan area.


Q: How do you find out the companies are relocating?


A: Our moving lead generators make hundreds of calls just to find one office relocation lead. Only after our supervisors have confirmed the leads, do you receive them.


Q: Are you sure the companies on your list are moving?


A: Yes. We guarantee that at least 90% of the companies are moving.